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Cinq Showcases Impeccable C++ Development on Clutch

C++ is a prominent all-purpose programming language that is widely used in the IT and engineering industries. According to some industry experts, it’s important to be incredibly knowledgeable and efficient with C++ if you want to become a software developer.

At Cinq, we deliver the finest software solutions using different cutting-edge technologies, including C++. Founded in 1992, we are considered as Miami, Florida’s finest service provider.

What sets us apart from the rest is our outstanding and unique combination of digital strategy and technology to help companies accelerate their digital business growth. We understand that it’s hard to take that in since it came directly from us, but we have that covered.

What Our Clients’ Say

Just recently, we’ve received a new review on Clutch, an established B2B review and rating platform based in Washington, DC. The review that we’re talking about features an ongoing custom software development for an air transport IT provider based in Duluth, Georgia.

A Clutch analyst conducted a phone interview with Komalavalli Chidambaram, the lead developer from SITA, and the review was published back on January 26, 2021.

Custom Software Dev For Air transport It Provider review. Lead Developer, Sita - Komalavalli Chidambaram “I’m a big fan of theirs. They’re high-end developers who deliver impressive work quality.” JAN 26, 2021

The Cinq team helps develop major components in the clients’ air communications and messaging systems. We use key technologies such as C++ for the software development of the said project.

“A better gauge of their work is how they behave one-on-one with us. Nothing can replace human judgment in terms of how people work. I’m very happy with their performance and enjoy working with them. They have outstanding talent and a very high work ethic. Everyone is extremely professional with their interactions, too.”

— Komalavalli Chidambaram, Lead Developer of SITA

SITA is just one of our many satisfied clients! Over the years, we’ve had the honor of working with the finest companies from all over the world. Cinq is extremely proud to be a top-notch rating company on Clutch!

The Best on The Manifest

Aside from our reviews on Clutch, The Manifest also highlights Cinq as one of the top service providers. To give you a better understanding, The Manifest is a business resource and news platform that is known for its comprehensive how-to guides and agency shortlists.

According to The Manifest’s recently updated shortlist, our company is the 4th company among the top 40 software development companies in Brazil. Considering that The Manifest evaluates companies based on a number of factors, this recognition from them is a true testament to our team’s ability to deliver and quality solutions. We want to thank The Manifest and Clutch for opening and enhancing great opportunities for our team. 

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