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Enable digital growth with data-driven methodology supported by the cloud

In an article for Nearshore Americas, Cinq’s Innovation and Marketing Manager, Nôga Tonin, explains how to achieve digital growth through data-driven strategies.

Companies need digital growth to achieve real business results. It is essential to use a data-driven methodology supported by the cloud, adopting the right partner and tools when necessary.

“In the current context, products must be smart, and we need to have the technology stack, the data, and the people to make this happen” — Wilson Wistuba

Nôga explains how a project was developed by Cinq, the methodologies used and the significant engagement and revenue achieved. Also the advantages to working with Cinq as a nearshore partner which uses technologies, business, and marketing components to support your digital growth.

To read more, visit Nearshore Americas. Learn more about Cinq’s Digital Growth Solution.

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