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How Design Thinking could benefit your company

Bringing new methodologies to the workplace can improve processes and experiences. One interesting approach is Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a strategy that combines logic and creativity to gain the best possible understanding of customer needs. This approach puts the customer at the center, and all ideas will revolve around how to improve their experience with the company.

Briefly, Design Thinking is a way of thinking aimed at the well-being of those who will use the brand’s products or services. This concept was promoted by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, who saw that the way designers thought to solve their problems could be used in any other area.

The idea is for employees from the most diverse sectors of the company to participate in a brainstorm, so that different points of view are shared and the proposed solutions are the most creative and innovative. In some situations, even people outside the company can help by offering a fresh look at the problem at hand.

Design Thinking has many benefits:

Encourages creativity.

Design Thinking’s goal is to get employees to think outside the box and experiment with new ideas.  The resulting ideas are often more and more innovative, taking the company to new heights. 

Design Thinking invests in professional situations of relaxation, as it is in these moments that the most innovative ideas emerge. It prepares the company to get, and stay, ahead of the competition.

Stimulates empathy.

Design Thinking suggests that problem solving is done by bringing the customer’s perspective into the company. By encouraging employees to walk in the customers’ shoes, the feeling of empathy grows, which can have a positive impact both inside and outside of work. It is important to understand the needs and expectations of end custoemrs when working with products or services, as the focus is on how customers will receive them.

Great value.

As Design Thinking is a simple strategy to implement, it costs next to nothing. It can really benefit small companies that don’t have a lot of capital to invest in external consultants, thought Design Thinking can be put into practice in organizations of any size.

In fact, the biggest challenge in bringing Design Thinking to your company may be persuading professionals to change their work routine. The methodology completely transforms the way people are used to working and being productive; so they may take time to adapt. However, it is possible to see good results quickly.

It offers answers.

Through the strategy of encouraging different ways of thinking, the number of possible solutions to a given problem greatly increases. Based on this divergence of thoughts, it is possible to reach converging points that meet the needs of both the customer and the company. It is then possible to put some of the solutions into practice by defining some criteria to decide which is the best option to solve the problem.

It makes it possible to invest safely.

Design Thinking enables some practical criteria to be defined to test the best solutions. One of the possibilities is the use of prototypes to make the proposed solutions viable. That enables you to see if it’s a good idea to invest in a particular resolution before investing money and effort. This can save the company money and avoid losses that would come with an unfeasible choice, in addition to saving the time it would take to redo the work.

Strengthens organizational culture.

In Design Thinking methodology, the more people involved in sharing different points of view, the better. Thus, different sectors of the company are invited to think of the best solutions together. This strengthens the idea that everyone is part of the team and that everyone has an important value when making decisions. Thus, each employee will identify more with their role in the company, improving their relationship with the projects.

See how this methodology could be useful in your company? In addition to helping to better understand the client’s needs so that investments are accurate, it keeps employees more united and focused.

Design Thinking is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to leave competitors behind in the innovation race. Since your focus is on meeting the best possible customer needs, you can expect a greater number of people to choose your brand. It is a methodology that is challenging to apply in the company’s day-to-day activities, but which, after the first challenges are faced, will bring many achievements.

Design Thinking is an unmissable strategy for those who want to grow and offer services that appeal to their target audience. It’s a way to benefit both sides of the business in the best possible way, since the business will generate more profit and customers will be more satisfied with the proposed products or services.

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