Como conquistamos por 9 anos consecutivos o reconhecimento GPTW

How we conquered for 9 consecutive years in a row GPTW’s recognition

Discover what differentiates and allows us to keep our spot in the ranking of the best IT companies to work for

GPTW is a global organization focused in transforming companies into Great Places to Work, prioritizing what is best for people, business, and society. With this goal in mind, this organization has a GPTW Certification Program which, through an online organizational climate research and diagnostics tool, measures the employees’ perception of the company they work for.

Companies that reach a score equal or greater than 70 in the survey receive a digital certification seal, which allows them to be part of the GPTW ranking. The company’s profile is rated through its cultural practices in Culture Audit. In Brazil, GPTW annually presents over 40 rankings of Best Companies to Work For divided in categories such as national, regional, by sectors (e.g. IT and health), and thematic (e.g. for women). The certified companies may enter one of these depending on their final assessment.


For 9 consecutive years in a row, CINQ won a spot in the ranking of the Best Companies to Work For in Technology. This year, the company placed 32nd in the category. We have already shared the secrets to be a GPTW company and this year we want to talk about what differentiates us from other companies.

One thing we value is caring for our professionals, the work environment, and the projects. We always try to care, and it starts right in the beginning during the recruitment process of the employees.

We are transparent, explain the entire process from the beginning, and make sure that all the requirements of the job offer are clear. We have total responsibility for the professional’s wellbeing regardless if they are going to work at our headquarters in Curitiba, at one of our branches in São Paulo and Ponta Grossa, or as a contractor at a customer. We understand that changing jobs requires critical reflection and communication to analyze the proposal and be sure that there are no doubts.

Quoting our Tech Recruiter, Tiago Silva, “I believe that what is essential in my activity is to make this process as safe, quiet, and enlightening as possible. I like thinking it is not just about filling a position with a skilled professional. As it’s heavily encouraged here, it’s about going ‘beyond’ and remembering that we are bringing a human being with their own culture. It is necessary to analyze how we will work with this individual, what we can deliver, and what we expect of them to deliver. Belonging is a continuous process that requires attention and work of those involved in this relationship. This is my responsibility and I keep it in mind when working on my everyday tasks.”


After the professional becomes our employee, we take care to nurture everyone’s development. There’s no recipe for that. Here at CINQ, we always seek to encourage the development of employees, either through trainings or instigating them to work on challenging activities and with new technologies.

Our CINQ TECH program exists to foster our employees’ growth mindset, so that they can Explore, Learn, and Develop. This way, we always invest in trainings to accelerate personal growth by using technology as a learning tool and encourage personal development through the continuous sharing of information.


One of our CINQ TECH initiatives is a mentoring program. Experienced professionals guide trainees in the making of a project with the duration of 6 months. During the project, the trainees are encouraged to work with a technology or a process that they are not used to.

A big change this year was our new head office. When working in our “new house” project, our professionals’ quality of life was a top concern. We prioritized airy well-lit environments with good accessibility and paid attention to the ergonomics of the workstations.

The company is growing, changing, and becoming increasingly modern in a way that reflects our professionals’ profile. Now, our space matches our identity and our values which encourages collaboration and brainstorm between teams.


An internal ecosystem was created for our innovation pillars: CINQ TECH, CINQ Lab, and CINQ Café. All of them, together with a “fun area” and our garden, provide a comfortable environment for working, mingling, sharing experiences, and unwinding for #CINQTeam.

Our Designer Frederico Westphalen, who took part in the process of renovation and adaptation of the new space, thinks that “everyone likes to have a good place to work that is spacious, modern, and creative”. He talks more about it in the excerpt below:

“We are the ones who shape our environment and we only needed some incentive. Now, we have a team that is more united, communicative, and open to changes. The entire #CINQTeam transits between spaces sharing ideas and is always willing to help. The physical divisions between national and international projects no longer exist. We are all together in the search of a single goal: promoting digital transformation for our customers.”


All these differentials make us a Great Place to Work. Being for 9 years straight in the ranking is very important for everyone in the company. It reflects how much effort was invested to provide the best physical and psychological environment for the #CINQTeam.

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