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Nearshore Americas: How to Scale Up Your Nearshore Agile Capabilities and Overcome Common Challenges

In a Nearshore Americas article, Jeff Foster, Chief Technology Officer and VP of Product Development at Service Central, and Wagner Balabuch, Head of Operations at Cinq, explained how their nearshoring partnership helped the Service Central team scale up.

When Service Central found itself growing exponentially as customer demand increased, the team needed to look at ways to maintain their agile processes while working collaboratively with their nearshore partner, Cinq Technologies.

“Initially, when we took on more projects in parallel, the team fragmented. But now we’ve turned those lemons into lemonade. —Jeff Foster

The result has been a focus on expanding the team together with Cinq, formalizing the processes, and finding ways to scale up their agile approach while they scale up the teams.

For the full story, read the Nearshore Americas article. Learn more about how Cinq helps its partners scale here.

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