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Tech Beacon Features Cinq’s Juan Hoyos: How to Successfully Build High Performance Agile Teams

Cinq Technologies’ Chief Commercial Officer, Juan Hoyos, shared his perspective with TechBeacon about key steps to building successful agile teams.

“Agile methodology is a proven strategy for rapidly delivering advanced digital solutions. With it, teams can innovate faster while mitigating project risks, because an agile-focused methodology relies on iterative development and encourages frequent inspection and adaptation. Constant feedback and enhancements lower the cost of failure and give companies new opportunities to get to market faster with innovative solutions,” according to Juan.

At Cinq, our approach to building successful agile teams focuses on three important steps:

  1. Building cultural readiness
  2. Identifying effective agile leadership
  3. Ensuring business and IT alignment

True agile teams have the flexibility to prioritize frequent deliverables and effortlessly handle scope changes. Read more at:


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