Cinq builds successful online platform with a healthcare client

Tudobem needed to create a secure online platform to offer scheduling and payment services at an affordable price to healthcare providers and patients. Cinq’s agile squads worked with tudobem as one team, exceeding expectations for end-to-end development and improving client work processes.

Cellphone with the Tudo bem's app homepage at the screen


Looking to innovate in the competitive healthcare appointment scheduling market, tudobem — a COMPAR Group company — started a new project with Cinq. The objective was to build web and mobile platforms for medical services.

The secure online system helps customers schedule appointments, review pricing, and make payments. The platform also includes features for doctors, such as their work schedules, daily appointments, and contact information.

“We were crucial for this project to succeed. Our team developed the back end, application, website, and infrastructure.”

Greg Dos Santos, DevMaster at Cinq


Tudobem initiated the project with Cinq by providing a draft explaining its goals and scope. The teams collaborated to develop the work together, as real partners. They shared ideas, tracked details, and created solutions that enabled functionality.

Cinq’s squads introduced agile development — going beyond software coding by seeking to fully understand the reasons behind the features, user needs, and expected outcomes. The design team worked in an immersive way to provide solutions that connect the customer's needs with the business objectives.

Computer showing Tudo bem's website on it's screen

“I emphasized the agile method of working with the teams. I already had experience working with other service providers, and with Cinq, everyone interfaced with us. We shared our pains and our desires and everyone was involved. Working with Cinq was a positive experience.”

Jaime Tadim, Operational Manager at Tudobem

The project started as a closed-scope method but with some adjustments, the agile squads implemented a flexible scope. The squads worked closely with tudobem to promote a good relationship and deliver a product surpassing their expectations.

“We were crucial for this project to succeed. Our team developed the back end, application, website, and infrastructure.”

Greg Dos Santos, DevMaster at Cinq

Two cellphones with the Tudo bem's app interface at the screen


The end-to-end project developed by Cinq was essential for a high-quality product to be launched in a short period of time. Tudobem’s research with customers yielded positive opinions and comments about the app.

“I see the technical area of Cinq as exceptional in quality. The team is collaborative and follows schedules. The result was a fabulous product.”

Rubens Rodrigues Junior, Superintendent at COMPAR

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