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Cinq implemented an entire digital transformation with many benefits for Verus, patients, and providers. The resulting surge in business increased the companies' overall profit margins, and the partnership between the two companies became a key factor contributing to Verus's scalability over the last 7 years.

Verus Technology Solutions, a San Francisco-based IT provider, first approached the team at Cinq in 2014 with a challenge: a complete overhaul of a legacy EMR (electronic medical record) system known as Clinician's Gateway. Cinq leveraged its expertise to create a sophisticated, user-friendly interface for the platform that resulted in a radical increase in both users and satisfaction.

The Goal

Clinician's Gateway was a legacy system containing more than 20 years of disorganized patient records and files. The main problem was that its software architecture was made up of systems built on systems.

Understanding the customer's needs, Cinq's primary goal was building a cleaner, more user-friendly UX by unifying the existing system architecture to promote harmony and efficiency. The project's secondary goal was to introduce modernized quality-of-life features to the system such as expedient laboratory results, better patient file retrieval, and the integration of adaptable billing functions.

It was especially essential for the team to make sure that the overall product adhered to the 21st Century CURES act. Therefore, the ultimate goal became a complete overhaul of Clinician's Gateway to address UX design and performance issues, all within the context of tailoring an EMR solution for the behavioral health subset.

Mockup of a monitor, the screen displaying the interface of Veru's application

The Approach

The team at Cinq employed near continuous contact throughout the process via Slack, Jira, and other productivity tools. To achieve results, Cinq deployed a rotating staff of up to 8 engineers using agile development methods to complete the platform overhaul.

“From a qualitative perspective, we've been very happy with our relationship with CINQ Technologies. They've integrated well with our core US team and have been flexible in terms of the expectations that we have from our different clients.”

Chris Reid, President of Verus Technology Solutions

Mockup of a computer, the screen displaying the interface of Veru's application

For their core methodology, Cinq used modularized asynchronous .Net Web API 2.0 and a full-fledged React/Flux frontend to clean up the user interface and complete the system overhaul. Based on the strength of their mutual relationship, Verus left this design decision up to the team at Cinq. Given this autonomy, the Cinq team implemented the framework and the frontend architecture due to its ability to reign in and control all of Clinician's Gateway's pre-existing software layers. This solution proved to be a unifying element that helped to radically improve the platform's user interface.

The crown jewel of the overhaul, however, was the creation of the Quest application. According to the CURES act, physicians are required by law to communicate the results of all tests and laboratory work to their patients in a timely manner. The Quest system was designed to help providers submit lab work efficiently and expedite the results. This enables providers to meet their legal responsibilities and reduces their time spent per patient while radically improving the customer experience.

The Results

Cinq provided Verus Technology Solutions with enhanced development and deployment strategies through its fidelity to the agile development process as well as the depth of its industry expertise. By providing Verus with the core team of tech professionals that it needed, Cinq managed to free up its partner's chief software engineers and company leadership to focus on core business strategy while simultaneously augmenting the scope and reach of the company's service offerings.

"It's a pleasure to work with partners who trust us, and the relationship with Verus is exactly that. We don't waste time with small talk and focus on what matters, deliver value to partners, and the results are incredible."

Theo Patrizi Borges, Squad Leader at Cinq

KPIs of exceptional note include increasing the platform's users to 7,000 providers servicing more than 100,000 patients, with effective rollout across four different counties in California. Furthermore, Cinq's efforts actively reduced user time from 1.5 hours on the platform per day to 15 minutes on average. Verus president Chris Reid praised Cinq and its efforts.

"We really have a true partnership with Cinq Technologies. It's not just a situation where they provide a service, and we pay them for that service; we have a deep relationship with them."

Chris Reid, President of Verus Technology Solutions

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