Application generates digital transformation in Rumos’s railway yards

“Chave na mão” app, idealized by Rumo and developed by CINQ Technologies, helped the logistics company increases operational efficiency and meet its strategic goals

The digital transformation in the industries also called Industry 4.0 is already a reality in Brazil and the rest of the world. This could not be different for Rumo, the largest railway operator in Brazil.  In recent years, the company has invested in innovation to automate its processes, and an example of this is “Chave na mão” app, developed by CINQ Technologies, which designs and develops innovative and mission critical software solutions projects.
To perform the process called “maneuver”, which takes place in the loading and unloading yards of the company, the communicationamong the control center and the maneuvering teams happened only via radio. However, this process was fragile and could generate noises in the communication among the field teams and the control center. In addition, the control and reporting of problems were carried out handwritten whithout generating inputs of the process, thus making the outputs impossible, as identification of reasons for delays. From these problems, came the idea of the application.
In the process of building this solution, CINQ’s software development experts conducted a Design Thinking and User Experience (UX) project aiming to understand the End User’s journey and making effective decisions in the Application’s Development. During the project, creating prototypes and interviews with end users enable that we understand all aspects of the process to and incorporate them into the solution.
“At CINQ, we involve the user experience from the beginning of the projects; It is common for designers to be present from surveying user stories with customers, helping to understand the user’s challenges and cocreating an idea of solution. User Journey mappings and field visits are also made to understand all the contexts of use of the future product or service” says the UX Analyst of the project.
After four months the application was completed, following the Agile method and the Scrum framework, by a team composed of a Scrum Master, an UX/UI Designer, three developers and a QA (Quality Assurance), plus the Product Owner.
From its implementation, it was possible to optimize the communication between the center of the railway yard control and the field team, mitigating the issues that happened in the commands via radio. The app also allows real-time monitoring of the maneuver performed, and the data collection that assists in the analysis and improvement of the process.
“CINQ already knew of the technology and we could rely on its support for maintenance, even our operations running 24 hours,” explains Rafael Pinto, Product Owner of Rumo.
With this, the fruitful results of this partnership between Rumo and CINQ Technologies are verified:
* Customer 100% satisfied with the project;
* Project delivered in 4 months;
* System usability;
* CINQ Team awarded for productivity;
* Application successfully implemented in two Rumo railway yards.
Thus, it is understood that technology allows improvements in the most diverse processes of a company, regardless of its area of operation.

Aligned. Agile. Accelerated.