Baggage Tracking Application – Agile Squads

Solution built to improve the process of recovering mishandled bags for passengers worldwide.

Client Overview

Our client is a world leader in communication and IT solutions for the airline industry, it provides full-stack solutions including critical operations platforms to UX / UI solutions for passengers.

It operates directly or indirectly on 95% of international flights in the world and serves over 2800 customers among governments, airports, and airlines in 197 countries.

Engagement Situation & Challenges

One of our client’s main products was a web-based application used by airlines and operators to track and report lost or damaged bags, returning them for their owners.

The Company had a simple Proof of Concept for a mobile version of its web application – and needed a Team to improve its idea and execute its implementation into a real-life product, using up-to-date technologies and coordinating with other teams and stakeholders.

The Solution

Our development team worked for an entire year to turn the Proof of Concept into a full mobile app for iOS tablets. After we implemented the initial version, it went into testing in a big airport in Europe.

The mobile app makes it easier for companies and ground handlers to deal with passengers when they have lost or damaged baggage. They have an easier interface to work with and can scan the boarding pass to retrieve the passenger’s information. If needed, passengers can enter their info themselves.

Since the implementation, we have been working closely with the client and stakeholders on additional features and improvements, based on customers’ feedback. Nowadays, the application is used in various major airports around the world.

Tools & Technologies used

CINQ develops Baggage Tracking application

Key Benefits

The product helps to make the daily routine of airline personal easier:

  • They don’t need to be stuck behind a desk to register mishandled bag complaints;
  • Faster and easier workflow;
  • Better interaction with passengers and they can even interact with the app to enter their information themselves.