CINQ takes part in the 8th Greencities in Spain

Last week, between June 7th and 8th, CINQ Technologies took part in the 8th Forum of Urban Intelligence and Sustainability, also known as Greencities, in Malaga, Spain. The event is held annually, and focuses on technologies that implement improvements to …

Have You Been Talking with Your Phone?

The human brain consumes a lot of energy and so it, when it can, saves it. Some would call it laziness, but it’s a matter of optimization anyway. So, we prefer to use Waze and Google Maps than thinking on …

Growth: busting digital products

Ditial Growth: boosting digital products

While a digital product is considered active and being part of the business strategy of an organization, it should be nourished and well-maintained, such as a living being.

The 21st century begins now

“No one knows what world awaits us after the pandemic, but social isolation must accelerate digital transformation, consolidate agile methodologies, and leave reflections for a better world.” 


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