CINQ shows Brazilian IT in Chicago

The event Midsize Enterprise Summit will be held in Chicago, United States, starting on April 28th thru May 2nd.
This event focuses on entrepreneurs and small/medium sized businesses that have an interest in contracting IT services from companies abroad.
The Midsize Enterprise Summit is one of the main information technology events in the United States, targeting this type of company.  The IT executives present were pre-selected by the organizers of the event, ensuring that the audience will consist of people with a real interest in conducting business and seeking technological advances in their companies.
During the event, CINQ Technologies will give a presentation of the services it provides, such as design solutions, software quality assurance, professional outsourcing, mobile application development, database services, and so on. The presentation will be given by Henry Johns (CINQ’s business partner in Atlanta). This type of event encourages companies to seek the international market for software development and also seeks new customers for continued growth in the region. CINQ continues to promote its services internationally; a path that has led to 10 years of experience.
Outsource Brazil will also be present at the event, which is Robert Janssen’s accelerator, who is one of the participants in the Startup Brazil’s MCT program. The CINQ and this accelerator are working together to establish an Outsource Brazil office in Curitiba. CINQ’s presence in this event emerged from this partnership between both companies.
The event is organized by Gartner, international institute for IT research and development. In Brazil, it counts on the support of the Association for Promotion of Brazilian Software Excellence (SOFTEX) in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brazil).


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