CINQ opens a new software delivery center in Ponta Grossa city, southern Brazil

CINQ was invited by Mayor Pedro Wosgrau Filho after the entrepreneurs Carlos Alberto Jayme and Aldir Oliveira Brandão Júnior reported the installation of the company in Ponta Grossa. Founded 19 years ago in Curitiba with a branch in São Paulo, CINQ plans to expand its business and has chosen Ponta Grossa for the quality of the trained labor in the district and the business environment the city possesses.

According the director Carlos Alberto Jayme, the company plans to start its activity in Ponta Grossa this semester. With an initial investment of R$ 1 million, the company will generate 20 to 40 direct jobs. “Let us take the skilled labor that comes from the 3 Universities of Ponta Grossa” said Jayme. CINQ Technologies develops software for Brazil and abroad.
According to Jayme, the suggestion of Ponta Grossa for the installation of another branch of the company came from the APL-Local Productive Arrangement; Core Sector of Information Technology ( NSTI). For the representative of APL, Fernando Gormanns, the attraction of this company is important to the participants of the Arrangement.”This represents a strengthening of our Industry”, he says.
The Eco Tech Park will gather companies in the Technology and Research sector, making a jointly effort with Public administration, universities and private sector. Therefore, companies settling in the Eco Tech Park will be the ones to take advantage of the potential of the Universities. “It is a systemic work: the company installed contributes to the district, and with this funds helps the Eco Tech Park absorbs the Universities Research work, that consequently may invest more”, says the Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Professional Qualification, João Luiz Kovaleski