CINQ Technologies USA Unit starts with positive results

After started operating in US market, CINQ Technologies has obtained three new customers and the new unit has shown positive results.

CINQ’s new customers are Ortiz Gaming, a company that produce virtual games, Sigma Infosolutions, a corporation that provides services for products engine, and GT Software, a company which develops SOA solutions for IBM platform.

Matthew Luchak, CINQ’s Offshore Account Manager, says “what is interesting about all of those clients is that they were prospected from old relationships”.

The Director of Operation and Software Development, Aldir O. Brandão Jr., adds “It is really important to establish a relationship based on trust with our clients”.

Only after 14 years of expertise in offshore projects, CINQ opened its first unit abroad in 2016. In the same year, the company was selected to participate in Gartner Brasil IT+ Program, a project organized by APEX (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), which intends to empower Brazilian IT companies on the global market.

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