DIKW and Information Security

How the DIKW pyramid works and how important it is.

With the growing number of data a connected world produces, it is a great challenge to be able to give meaning and relevance to information.

DIKW (Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom) represents a knowledge pyramid where each level of the hierarchy adds attributes over the previous one.

DIKW - Data Information Knowledge Wisdom
DIKW Pyramid

can be classified as a set of numbers, words, or images. Such as personal data, location data, etc.

Information is the structuring of the data  in order to convey meaning. As a result, information can be obtained through data analysis.

Knowledge, is a set of information that has an applied context, providing a greater view of the environment.

Wisdom uses the understanding of knowledge for decision making.

DIKW in practice:

Imagine that you are driving down a street where you have never been before, so someone simply says to you “red”, but for you this data still has no meaning. (data).

Advancing a bit in the pyramid, you are warned that a traffic light is red. Now you already have a piece of information, but it is still out of context. (information).

So you get an alert that, right in front of you, there is a traffic light and it is red, at that moment your information was contextualized. (knowledge).

Now you understand that you need to brake and stop the car when you see the red light. (wisdom).

In conclusion

This is how we understand the importance of our data in the current scenario. Well-analyzed information can ease decision making at the executive and strategic level of large corporations.

Therefore, the area of Information Security aims to maintain the integrity, availability and confidentiality of data within the organization, ensuring that it is protected from unauthorized use or access, and it is prepared to develop policies and rules, as well as to ensure that the company’s processes comply.

It is important to nourish good information security practices, and to be careful and protect data on and off the Internet.


By Alvaro Santana – Information Security Analyst


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