Is outsourcing a good idea?

The term outsourcing, staff augmentation or professional services, as we call it at CINQ, is a way of hiring focused on agility and flexibility. With this line of services, India took a huge step into the international IT businesses at the end of the 90’s, primarily to resolve then the millennium bug. The main objective is to meet demands that arise with specific period projects or requiring professionals in particular areas and expertise, thereby avoiding increasing the fixed cost of payroll (headcount) for momentary issues.

Outsourcing relieves the workload for the client company’s internal team to focus the efforts on new projects, core business and priority and strategic issues. Also as a benefit, outsourcing is a great solution at times companies have peak demand or need fractional support, where the professional is assigned from the amount of hours required to accomplish the project or activities, also enabling the rapid change of profiles as required and customer demands.

Another point is that the areas of informatics and IT require highly skilled professionals to perform certain tasks, and it is necessary that people who have knowledge in the area, evaluate the candidate, to make sure they are hiring a professional suitable for the job, process which also needs access to a range of talents. CINQ is a software factory with numerous innovative projects in various technologies in progress. Therefore, it has a large internal contingent of skilled people and more than 25 years of experience selecting professionals specialized in development, support and software testing.

At CINQ, outsourcing receives the name of professional services, has the main focus of IT professionals, and also presents as differential the close and frequent management of the allocated professionals. Evaluations are conducted periodically to check with collaborators and client the satisfaction of both. We also seek to create a sense of belonging to the professionals allocated to the CINQ team. Customer-allocated professionals by CINQ rely on the entire accumulated knowledge base and development support. This support is accomplished in real time through the interchange between collaborators with the use of CINQ’s intranet forums. This is an important differential, often unnoticed and nonexistent in companies focused solely on HR and outsourcing.

We talked with Stephanie Lemos, coordinator of CINQ’s Professional Services, who describes how this accompaniment impacts the professionals: “Here I see that the perspective is somewhat different, even the professionals bring me a lot that they perceive this difference, and they have interest to work at CINQ on account of this differentiated management. We do a follow-up work, evaluations, feedbacks and collaborators feel more welcome. Our mission in professional services is always reinforce with the developer that he is from team CINQ Technologies, he is providing this service on the client as an integral part of our team. Ending this project on the client, we seek a reallocation or bring they to CINQ. And I think they feel that security. “

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