5 advantages in Offshore Outsourcing

IT outsourcing: Team expansion without inreasing headcount and fixed costs

Currently, a problem faced by companies working in this sector is the complexity in attracting and retaining qualified professionals. This happens mainly by the high demand in the market, besides the fact that many young people see in entrepreneurship a new opportunity, running their own companies.

It is increasingly common to hire IT outsourcing services to solve these and other problems determining a specialist supplier in the area, in order to allocate development teams in the client, under the supervision of the hired company.

CINQ’s director of management and IT outsourcing, Edson Althoff, talks about the service’s competitive particularity: “Our great differential is the accompaniment we make with the employees who are providing the services within of our clients ‘ facilities. It is very valuable they feel part of the CINQ team and, for this, the area’s coordinator, Stephanie Garbelotti Lemos, meets the employees, so that they can align any question linked to expectations, work environment, well like other needs. Another important point, which I also consider as differential, is the feedback meetings made with our clients through the managers of the resources allocated. At this opportunity, we seek to understand whether the professional is meeting the customer’s expectation, as well as whether there is an opportunity for improvement to the same. “The outsourcing trend has been starring for 26 years by CINQ Technologies, a company that offers the service of professional services, recruiting qualified professionals for specific projects and customer demands. In the interim, the company points out some advantages of the professional allocation in it:

1 – Focus on your business

With IT outsourcing services, entrepreneurs and professionals can focus on the development and growth activities of the company’s core business.

2- Cost decrease

A company that specializes in it manages to provide more efficient and higher quality services, as well as speed in the use of new technologies.

3 – Multidisciplinary professionals

The contracting company needs to guarantee they will have at its disposal, the right professional for a particular project, to provide this service, as long as it has a range of knowledge in different tools.  This prevents professionals from varying their knowledge to the point they lose their worth when the technology they dominate falls into disuse.

4- Reduce complexity in the search of professionals

Besides worrying about the search for the most suitable professional for the desired activity, the outsourcing service is also concerned with the management of these people, conducting their performance.

5 – Does not overload the company’s board

Hiring outsource services, the company can focus on important activities, concentrating on the core business. Without worrying about secondary functions,  employees will have more time to commit to what really matters.

“Working at CINQ during these years has provided me with the opportunity to work in the most innovative and challenging projects. From the beginning, I have always been allocated to clients, due to that, got know the most varied realities, people, technologies, needs and cultures, which led me to a professional, technical and gigantic personal growth. The flexibility, assistance, and proximity between employees and management provided by CINQ make up a nice and strong environment to work with and bring this security to be part of something solid and larger. ” says Luiz Guilherme Heming, a CINQ’s Development analyst, professional allocated at Telefónica.

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