Key success factors for your Nearshore initiative

Highlights of Cinq’s webinar on essential guidelines for Nearshore/Offshore projects

IT talent shortage is becoming a growing problem, Gartner estimated 1.4 million opening positions in the US tech industry for 2020. As an alternative for this issue, having a Nearshore partner brings a lot of value to North American enterprises, once it helps to scale operations and deliver digital solutions with the velocity the market requires. 

India is the largest exporter of IT, with 4.36 million employees in the segment, but Brazil IT services exports have grown 1000% in the last 10 years, and so it is conquering an important space in the United States’ favorite countries to nearshore with.

To discuss the best practices when working with nearshore and offshore teams, Cinq promoted a webinar on September 15th, 2020. Invited to the discussion were Andy Hilliard – Chief Executive Officer at Accelerance, Maria Sullivan – International Trade and Business Consultant at The Channel Company, Olivier P. Poulard – Enterprise & Digital Transformation Strategist at RAPI²D, and the host and moderator, Marcelo Wzorek – Head of Software Delivery at Cinq.

An amazing discussion, with so much rich information for companies which want to start working with nearshore partners or are looking to enhance their outsourcing operations. Among the most pointed topics during the webinar are time zone proximity, cultural alignment, and how to build a profitable relationship with partners. 

When looking for a nearshore provider, find a company easy to do business with. As Maria commented, “if you are looking for an offshoring partner, you don’t want to create more work managing that partner, you want to take things out of your plate, so you definitely want a partner that is easy to work with”. 

The nearshore provider must communicate well, with good English skills, have talent and expertise. And as pointed out by all the speakers, more than taking directions, it is important that the partner offers suggestions of better ways to do things and how to improve the project, a different model that can be less expensive and could be done in less time. 

Andy mentioned that the “benefits of proximity and time zone overlap and cultural alignment are such a great value driver in the holistic measurement of a relationship”, especially in “things that require collaboration, coordination, and people interacting with people, you cannot overlook the value of time zone and culture”.

Into the cultural topic, Olivier told: “Sometimes, the best solutions come from different brains and different cultures”. However, it is really important to understand and respect cultural differences, even though in nearshore relationships it tends to be similar, each country and each company has its own culture. 

Marcelo pointed out that both, from the vendor and customer side, we must respect cultural differences. It is not about applying your culture to your customer/service provider company and team, “it is a matter of a mix of culture and respecting the culture, we shouldn’t underestimate cultural changes”.

Even in this cultural scenario, or thinking about methodologies, Olivier completes “you have to empower both the client and the offshore provider side, so it’s not just one side or the other, it is a true partnership.

When we talk about partnership, it is both the client
and the vendor working together towards the right solution”.

There are two different entities, therefore “the commitment in the relationship, both from a contractual standpoint and from a team-building and partnership standpoint, has to be built from the ground as a part of your engineering function”, concludes Andy. 

To get into the full content about the best practices when working with a nearshore partner, watch the webinar:  

About the speakers: 

Andy Hilliard is an expert supporting companies to create and execute better software engineering strategies using global outsourcing. 

Maria Sullivan is an expert consultant in international trade with great experience in Brazil and US markets.

Marcelo Wzorek is a software development delivery head, leading nearshore teams for more than 15 years supporting various customers in the US and Western Europe. 

Olivier P. Poulard is a seasoned executive that directed multiple strategic offshore partners in large and complex transformation programs.