How to prepare for digital transformation?

CINQ Technologies was at IT Forum, an event that brought together business leaders and reflections on strategies in digital times

Insights from IBM CEOs studies, since 2010, point out that the business challenges that leaders are facing: hypercompetition, complexity, and innovation.

About hypercompetition, we observe: a) fast moving industries; b) unconventional competitors; c) intense, and rapid competitive moves.

Considering complexity, it is verified that the world is connected on multiple dimensions and at a deep level – a system of unpredictable systems, subject to system level failures.

The output for the above items is innovation, creating products, processes or services that are new to the industry/ customers or have superior attributes. Products or processes that transform the industry (digital transformation).

In the meantime, to stand out in a complex world companies should focus on 3 areas:

– Creative leadership;

– Reinventing customer relationships with the Internet, social media, globalizing customers, and emerging communication methods;

– Building operating dexterity. Successful CEOs make their organizations faster, more flexible and capable of using complexity to their advantage.

From the inputs coming from the IT Forum and the above business strategy findings, CINQ Technologies brings three relevant tips:

  1. Invest in experiments with disruptive technologies solving business challenges. CINQ uses the BSDL (Business Solution Design Lab) approach in the Company’s Innovation Laboratory (CINQ Lab) to innovate for the customers and the market;
  1. Invest in people, bring talents and train the professionals that are already part of the team. We do this through the CINQ TECH: permanent technological learning acceleration program;
  1. Adopt methodologies that lead to exponential growth, such as Agile Scrum, Design Thinking, OKRs, and Squads. In this sense, CINQ uses the Agile method for 10 years. Besides using Design Thinking, we also adopt OKRS, which are the Objectives Key Results for conducting strategies, and squads (multidisciplinary work teams).

In times of digital transformation, it is necessary to dream big and to lead humanized solutions that facilitate people’s lives, thus bringing the complexity in favor of companies and citizens.

Aligned. Agile. Accelerated.