What is it like to be an IT bimodal company?

Keeping up with technology market updates is not an easy task, even more for  companies that work in the area following a traditional business model. As a solution to this situation, the TI bimodal businesses appear.

The term was created by Gartner, in 2013, as a solution to traditional IT companies’ limitations and aiming to show businesses that it is possible to use and invest in new technologies. Although an old mindset for many of the IT area, this business model becomes a competitive differential in the marketplace.

But after all, what does it mean to be a bimodal company?
IT Bimodal arises from the premise that there are two ways to manage the development of solutions. One of them, the traditional model, emphasizes security and stability, while the non-traditional model is exploratory and agile. Here is not judged which method is better than the other, but which will suit better to what will be developed.

CINQ Technologies is a company recognized for seeking innovation since the beginning of its trajectory, and following the IT Bimodal approach, is essential to keep going. One of the initiatives within the company to encourage the TI model is CINQ LAB. Another action taken by the company was the development of its own startup, CINQ Mobile Ventures, which created the product Checkmob, besides other solutions. To know more about Checkmob, a solution for field service management, click here

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