You probably already used O2O, but do you know what it is?

Although not much explored, the term O2O describes a tendency that already composes our reality. Online to offline, or O2O, is used to describe online service applications that are enjoyed by consumers in the offline world. 
E-commerce is an example of O2O, already part of Brazilians’ consumption habits, it is in constant growth in the country since 2011, as shown in data from the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce. However, O2O goes far beyond online shopping. Finding someone who takes care of your pet, scheduling appointments in beauty salons, ordering food from a restaurant, hiring services and freelancers, requesting a transportation service, all this can already be accomplished through websites and applications, in a quick and handy way. 

Easy payments, better prices and agility when requesting these services, are pointed out as some of the main reasons this business format has conquered consumers worldwide. In Brazil, companies in this sector continue to grow, although they have hard times when it comes to customer loyalty, whose are predominantly young, as pointed by a survey conducted by the Brazilian Association of O2O, which seeks to encourage and open space for businesses. 

The online and offline world converges as technology advances, and the emergence of this business model, is just another effect of this constant evolution process. Exploring new possibilities to facilitate consumers’ lives is one of the main goals of companies and startups that invest in the business. For the success of these solutions, it is essential that the software does not present development or security failures. A good costumer experience can also be a key point.

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