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Web and mobile platform integration

Alelo needed to create a user-friendly web platform that allowed users to check their account balances and bank statements in addition to other benefits and incentives Alelo’s programs offered. They partnered with Cinq and the end result, Meu Alelo Web, not only gave Alelo’s customers a web-based platform, but also an integrated mobile platform, making Alelo’s cardholders’ lives easier.

It all started at the end of 2017

Alelo needed a partner that brought an innovative vision with professionals that were young, responsible, and multidisciplinary, and could be adaptable and reliable when working alongside Alelo’s development team. Cinq met these requirements. The partnership between Alelo and Cinq combined technical and business expertise, growth and innovation, and met the challenge of delivering the new platform and site within a tight deadline: six months.

of the cardholders use the app

App with the Most Unique Features in 2019

The platform’s usability was improved

The new service provider soon understood Alelo’s infrastructure and needs, and made an innovative proposal that could be quickly facilitated with full collaboration from both sides. The platform’s usability was improved by Cinq’s team of UX (user experience) specialists, who ran tests, collected feedback and met Alelo’s business and cardholders’ needs. The platform is now fully scalable.

“There will be extremely significant gains for the year ahead. Our work causes the app to be increasingly important for Alelo’s cardholders.”

Alexsandro Fancio, Digital Channels Manager at Alelo

New technologies have improved the tool’s performance

Front-end and back-end were restructured using React and Java. New features were implemented, such as unblocking a card or cancelling it in case of loss or theft. New security resources were adopted, like adding Captcha, cryptography, and security tokens. New technologies have improved the tool’s performance.

My Alelo Mobile

Once the web platform was complete, Cinq took over Meu Alelo mobile app (interface and user experience, back-end and front-end development). Cinq’s goal was to fix bugs in the app and deploy new features alongside the account balance and back statement verification that was already present in the web platform. Meu Alelo app has over 3.5 million active users, which reduces the operational costs with the call center that provides service to its cardholders.

Completely redesigned version

At the beginning of 2019, Cinq and Alelo launched a completely redesigned version of the mobile app (Android and iOS). The app was rewritten by using current technologies such as Kotlin and Swift, as well as a new architecture based on clean code concepts and new interface design (UI/UX) to improve user experience.

Besides making improvements in security and stability, a new architecture based on encapsulation (microservices) and OpenShift container orchestration was also implemented. The new version already allows changing the registered e-mail address through the app itself, which used to be a problem for those who had to eventually change jobs but kept their benefits with Alelo.

Soon, the app will feature advanced resources such as resetting a transaction password (where the user will be able to change the password through the app itself with no need of human assistance by telephone).

“It was a very nice partnership. From the beginning through the delivery of the first release to production, we helped put Meu Alelo’s business model together. The first project was received ready, but we gradually gained their trust; so much so that nowadays we help model where the product goes from the beginning.”

Guilherme Gotardo - Senior Programmer Analyst at Cinq



Improvements in Meu Alelo’s user experience




Reduction in operational costs with the customer support call center


Implementation of new features in the mobile and web versions


Platform integration


Restructuring of back-end and front-end using more modern architecture and technologies


Implementation of new security resources


More stability for over 3.5 million active users


Complete redesign of the new app version

“Cinq brought a major technological and philosophical change. They developed everything in six months and put the entire web version to production. They have changed the way we used to develop. They put together a well-prepared team and got their hands dirty; that brought us agility.”

Carlos Montoia, Systems Manager at Alelo

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