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Retrospectiva CINQ 1997

1997 – Pioneering Smart Cards

CINQ developed a Smart Card solution for the City of Curitiba, called Quality Card, for the public transportation card, which became a global reference because of the multi-application approach.…

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1996 – Pioneering Internet Banking

CINQ was recognized as the second company in Brazil to develop internet banking solutions in partnership with Diebold, a solution used by Banestado Bank.  7 other complete internet banking complete solutions were developed by CINQ.…

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1995 – CRM with new graphical interface

CINQ developed the CRM solution (Customer Relationship Management) for the Boticario Cosmetics Industry, which used a graphical interface with product images and and client / server approach (Delphi, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows NT Server). This solution was considered innovative and …

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1992 – Foundation of QUALIPRO

Carlos Alberto Jayme and Edson Althoff found Qualipro Sistemas de Automação on 04/03/1992, a company that would become CINQ Technologies. The initials of the words quality and productivity, which already outlined the company’s vision formed the brand .…

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