TOP 5: Cinq is a Great Place to Work in Brazil

What makes Cinq a Great Place to Work and how it impacts on our results. 

GPTW is a global organization focused on transforming companies into great places to work, prioritizing what is best for people, business, and society. With this in mind, the organization has a GPTW Certification Program which, through an online organizational climate research and diagnostics tool, measures the employees’ perception of the company they work for. In Brazil, GPTW annually presents over 40 rankings of Best Companies to Work for, divided into categories such as national, regional, by sectors (e.g. IT and health), and thematic (e.g. for women). 

Dextra, Cinq’s brand in Brazil, was recognized by Great Place to work® as the 4th best company to work for nationally and also in the Information Technology category

Digital transformation starts with people, after all, technical aptitude and an environment where all employees feel motivated to do their best are requirements for developing effective solutions. “Since the company’s outset, one of the business’ core ideas was the creation of an environment where people were at the center of the value generation. We always seek to attract people with diverse talents and value differences as a way of generating innovation,” says Eduardo Coppo, CEO.

The seal is the validation of the work that has been being built by several areas within the company since its foundation. This whole ecosystem keeps up with the growth of Cinq and also the changes in the world. The award also helps HR teams to make the most of people and thus generate results above average. The mindful look at the internal programs and the necessary adjustments that accompany the country and world scene has led the company to be among the Top 10 in GPTW since 2010.   

According to the agile models of creation, Cinq looks beyond new technologies; we understand that it is necessary to look at the employee, understand their pain and invest in their development. Engaging employees like that will reflect directly on the results. Employees who feel recognized will perform better and produce the right projects. 

The work environment at Cinq is directly reflected in the motivation and engagement of our employees in the projects. When we talk about digital transformation planning, “it is a commitment  that translates into value for the client,” says Luís Dosso, Chief Business Development Officer.

Cinq’s culture provides a place with freedom to create and share ideas, giving room for innovation! Horizontal management is in line with the company’s business model that is a reference in the development of custom software. Transparency in relationships and easy access to leaders turn the associate into the protagonist of their career at Cinq.

The awards show that all our actions — from the hiring process to the care in developing the best software for companies — are on the right track. Today, we have offices in Miami (USA), Campinas (SP), São Paulo (SP), Curitiba (PR), Ponta Grossa (PR), and Florianópolis (SC), and we are digitally present in several other locations in Brazil. Our teams are growing and the projects are even more challenging, our operations in the international market are advancing further, proving that digital transformation goes beyond borders

Aligned. Agile. Accelerated.