CINQ will present Blockchain and Baggage solutions at 2019 EURO Air Transport IT Summit

The summit will be in Lisbon and will focus on digital transformation for the air transport industry

The city of Lisbon will host the 2019 EURO Air Transport IT Summit organized by SITA, the world leader in communications and IP solutions for the air transport industry, on November 5 and 6.

CEOs, CIOs, airport and airline IT professionals, and other industry players will discuss trends for the future of the business. The main theme is “Digital Transformation for Future Air Travel” and the key topics revolve around the passenger’s experience: how to make it better and how it is impacted by digital innovation.

CINQ is LATAM’s sole company sponsoring the event and will have a booth where two solutions developed in-house will be showcased: CINQ Store and CINQ Baggage Printing Station (BPS).

CINQ Store is our very own online store created to transaction CINQ Coins, our cryptocurrency, on the Blockchain using Hyperledger Fabric. Our team receives CINQ Coins by participating on training sessions, certification programs, and other internal activities.

CINQ will present Blockchain and Baggage solutions at 2019 EURO Air Transport IT Summit

CINQ BPS is a self-baggage tag printing prototype that aims to give passengers freedom to print baggage tags in hotels, trains, and buses stations. This allows the passengers to quickly drop their already tagged baggage in automated bag-dropping stations when they arrive at the airport. BPS greatly improves the general boarding experience in airport facilities by reducing passenger queues and time spent in the check-in area. After the baggage tag is printed, the baggage’s current location can be tracked by the passenger directly on their smartphone. This prototype has been developed using Xamarin and Zeit Serverless Cloud and it runs in a Raspberry Pi 3 with Microsoft Windows IoT.

CINQ will present Blockchain and Baggage solutions at 2019 EURO Air Transport IT Summit

According to Carlos Alberto Jayme, CINQ’s Chief Growth Officer, the main objective of these solutions is “to explore, learn, and put into practice trending technologies and build real-world Blockchain solutions as well as explore quick wins by digitally transforming the baggage printing process”. He also adds that “these initiatives come to live thanks to CINQ’s innovative culture and the freedom of experimentation that our teams have with our CINQ Lab laboratory”.

As SITA’s preferred supplier for over 11 years, CINQ has become an expert in the Air Transport Industry, specifically: Airfare, Baggage, Messaging Services, Labs initiatives, and technical support for all these fields. We have been working for over 16 years in mission-critical projects in the international market providing software development, support, test services, and state-of-the-art technology for Latin America, North America, and Western Europe.

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