Dextra and Cinq join forces in Mutant group

Companies begin the integration process by identifying cultural and business similarities.

CINQ has joined operations with Dextra within the digital transformation business unit (BU) in the Mutant Group. Increasing Dextra’s delivery capacity and presence in the Brazilian and international market, fostering the digital transformation of business through agile methods and uniting teams full of talent, are some of the expectations for the union of forces of the two companies.

Founded in 1992 in Curitiba, the capital of Paraná, CINQ also has offices in São Paulo (SP), Ponta Grossa (PR) and Miami (USA). It develops projects using agile methods and modern processes of software quality control and innovation management. There are five service offerings: Software Solutions Design, Agile Software Development, Software Testing, Agile Outsourcing, Offshore Outsourcing.

“CINQ has a great synergy with Dextra’s way of working. We are companies that complement each other,” says Fernando Ultremare, CTO of the Campinas’ company. “First by cultural fit, by the vision of how to work digital transformation and software development. Secondly, because we serve different markets in Brazil and beyond, which makes us have greater coverage, a complementarity in the market.”

From a technological point of view, both companies work with modern technologies, and together they can scale that capacity. Data Science, Machine Learning, IoT and Artificial Intelligence are some of the resources that companies must exploit to generate more value for customers.

Another positive aspect highlighted by the executive is the increased ability to attract talents. With offices scattered in technological centers of multiple Brazilian squares and under the brand of Mutant, Dextra and CINQ become more attractive to technology professionals.

The customers are the ones who win the most from this union of forces, who will count on two companies working together and synergy to pursue the same goals.

Dextra Integration at CINQ

But what changes?

The integration process between the two companies in the Mutant’s digital transformation business unit has already begun. First, there will be a mapping of talents to execute joint projects throughout 2020, taking advantage of the best of both operations.

While this happens, both Dextra and CINQ remain separate, serving customers and projects by themselves.

“The union of the two companies only brings benefits, because the culture and market visions are very similar. The leaders remain the same, and operations run the same way,” Ultremare reiterates. “Let’s put together synergy points and do the integration with intelligence.”

Employees of both companies also have nothing to worry about: both Dextra and CINQ are open and should continue hiring. The business model of both is 100% people-based, so the goal is not only to keep the talents gathered in recent years but also bring new ones.

With the union of companies, the number of people in the Mutant’s digital transformation business unit is expected to jump to over 1,000 people by 2020. Remembering that Dextra recently expanded the number of offices with the inauguration of a unit on Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo. With it, there are four sites in large centers of the country, with expansion plans for Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Barueri (SP) soon.


The first integration moment of the business unit was on January 9th, when the Directors, Managers and sales team of CINQ visited Dextra to get to know the company, processes, and teams. At this time, the CINQ team also held a presentation on the company to the staff of Campinas, counting a little about the services and work mode.

“The Dextra team is super excited,” the CTO said. CINQ’s crew came to visit us, and we could see the cultural fit, the climate, and the lookalike vision.”

In the week of January 22, it was Dextra’s turn to visit CINQ’s headquarters in Curitiba and have an immersion in projects. These first integrations are just the beginning of the great mutual learning that will occur within the Mutant Group’s digital transformation BU.

Dextra Team in the presentation at CINQ

Speed up growth

CINQ is the mutant’s seventh acquisition in the technology segment by the last three years (Dextra was the sixth), and the goal is to strengthen the portfolio and execution capacity of digital transformation solutions. With CINQ, Mutant reaches 12 countries on three continents providing B2B services.

Since 2017 the company’s revenue has doubled, from $ 66,6 million to $133,3 million in 2019. With the acquisition, the goal is to maintain the pace of growth in 2020. They do not rule new acquisitions out: according to Alexandre Bichir, CEO of Mutant, the fund available for this purpose still has about $80 million.

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