Silicon Valley and Curitiba: a partnership that has everything to work out

Accelerance, an important IT outsourcing company, has just come to the south of Brazil to establish new partnerships.

At the end of March, Accelerance, a company with a strong presence in the IT outsourcing industry on the West Coast of USA, which connects enterprises that need developers with the world’s most qualified IT outsourcing companies, has boarded on a trip to San Juan, in Puerto Rico as well as Curitiba and Florianópolis, in Brazil to choose the best IT businesses that should be the new partners of the company.

Among them, CINQ Technologies, that has just established the partnership with Silicon Valley’s company.

From the left to the right:  Miriane Machiavelli (CINQ´s Commercial Manager), Ryan Schauer (Accelerance´s Project Manager), Marcelo Wzorek (CINQ´s Project Manager), Aldir Brandão (CINQ´s Operation Director), Andy Hillard (Accelerance´s President) and Edson Althoff (CINQ´s Financial and HR Director).

During the trip, Accelerance´s representatives were able to check the practices, processes and training of companies, and then choose the ones that best fit their business. After signing the partnerships, they make a market diagnosis to meet the specific needs of US companies, naming them one of their 50 outsourcing partners around the world.

In general, due to the stability that foreign markets can bring, Brazilian companies have shown great interest in partnerships. According to a study developed by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the global average of strategic partnerships is 45%, while in Brazil, 54% of companies adopt this strategy. In addition, the IT market in Brazil is promising. Gartner (the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company) predicts IT services will grow by 4.8% this year (2017). A great advantage for Brazil is the possibility of performing nearshore, that is, IT outsourcing between neighboring countries, with similar time zones.

According to Aldir Brandão Junior, CINQ´s Director of Operations and Development, the partnership with Accelerance should bring good opportunities, since the outsourcing consulting firm has contacts with more than 3,000 organizations that are in search of software developers around the globe. In addition, it will contribute to the internationalization of IT services, strengthening the sector

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