Financial Institution – Software development

“A new tailored solution was needed in order to match the company’s strategy.”

Client Overview

The solution was developed for an international financial institution, with operations in the retail banking and insurance business in Brazil. Our client is an American multinational technology and consulting firm that manufactures computer hardware, develops software, and offers consulting and IT project integration services. A new sales force automation suite was being developed for their financial institution client.

Engagement Situation & Challenges

The financial institution had existing systems that were used to sell insurance services, but they were not aligned with the current business strategy and a new tailored solution was needed. CINQ´s core competencies and business domain expertise led to their selection for this engagement.

CINQ’s Solution & Contribution

CINQ developed a web solution that used an application server infrastructure and runs on standard web browser clients. The main business driver was to have a common platform for brokers to sell sixteen types of insurance products classified into five categories: life, goods, capitalization, auto, and pension.  The sales force automation tool was developed to be used in different channels, such as bank branches, online banking, enterprise offices, and desktop devices for brokers to use either online or offline.

A major requirement was to create a system that would work with or without internet access so that autonomous insurance brokers could input the information and store it offline, and automatically synchronize it with back-office systems later.  With a team of 25 professionals, CINQ delivered the sales force automation in fifteen months.

Tools & Technologies used

Key Benefits

  • Create a standard tool to be used by different sales teams on different channels.
  • Share information in real-time with all the branch agencies, and brokers;
  • Minimal necessary workforce training needs for adoption;
  • Accelerate the process for selling insurance products and services while channeling data seamlessly to the financial institution’s back-office systems with or without internet access.