Leadership and knowledge sharing initiative aims to bring support and encourage talents at CINQ


Leadership and knowledge sharing initiative aims to bring support and encourage talents at CINQ Technologies  

Starting a career in the IT market can be a very challenging task, after all, there are several paths to be followed, and in the middle of so many opportunities, finding support in the career can be essential, especially for those who are starting. At the same time, developing leadership and learning skills in employees can transform the company’s culture. 

CINQ Tech Mentors came up aiming to provide support, both technical and behavioral for young professionals, and also new learning opportunities for employees. CINQ formed its first class of mentors and mentees after a whole month of training, activities, and studies. 

To start the program, the interested contributors signed up to receive mentoring skills, where they could understand better how to pass on their knowledge to new interns. Meanwhile, the young professionals participated in a CINQ Tech Bootcamp, as a way of preparing to receive the mentorship. 

“A month ago from completing college and being new at CINQ, the Mentors program expanded the horizons I seek for my career. In this beginning, it is common for us to feel insecure and afraid to face the unknown. Through Mentors, I now follow confident to start my career and I know I can count on someone who has gone the same way I am today. I consider CINQ as a “mother”, who has welcomed me and takes care of my day-to-day development, through the programmes and, most importantly, how it values the human side of the employees. It is an honor to be part of this team.” tells Wesley Maffazzolli, intern of internal systems and mentee of the program. 

Finally, we had the meeting day, where mentors and mentees gathered to discover the common characteristics and interests. Later, the match between the professionals happened based on the Individual Development Plan (IDP) of the mentees and the technical and behavioral expertise of the mentors. The meetings between mentors and mentees will keep on happening, CINQ Tech Mentors is a one-year project, with conversations, planning, and advice. 

According to Eduardo Labre, CINQ’s systems analyst and mentor: “My personal view on CINQ TECH mentors is very positive, because its driving does not characterize only as a cold action of people management, but seeks to print CINQ’s personality of in the DNA of the new pros. The high voluntary participation of mentors, not only surprised and caught the attention of the coordinators of the program but identified profiles of employees who want to contribute more with the company, through sharing the most valuable commodity of each professional, their experience. As a personal earning, the program not only empowered me with mentoring techniques but also made me reflect on my own career, keeping me motivated to grow and develop continuously. Finally, I realized that my role as a mentor is to be a tease. When crossing a street, I will look back and say to my mentor: -You coming? If I did it, so can you.” 
The employees training took place in partnership with an external consultancy in people management and consisted in the identification and development of soft skills that will assist the mentoring program’s development.