The secrets for being recognized again as a GPTW IT Company

CINQ Technologies is one of the Great Place to Work for in the IT sector for 8 years in a row.

When it comes to promoting a motivating work environment, many modern ideas like having video games, puffs or pool tables at the disposal of employees can go through the minds of people less attentive about the real reasons for an organization become a Great Place to Work. Far beyond this simplistic view, the GPTW Institute has been promoting research with people around the world for some years to find the principles for companies to become a true Great Place to Work.

Among the 10 principles pointed out by the GPTW, CINQ Technologies has elected three main points of attention that can be observed in its environment to be considered a GPTW for so many years:

1. How we inspire;

2. How we develop people;

3. How we promote the balance personal versus professional life.

How do we inspire our employees?

CINQ inspires its employees through challenging and innovation projects in the Brazilian and global markets. The company bases its organizational culture in being a software company of great value and admired for quality, innovation, solution architecture, competitiveness and knowledge of its team. To disseminate this vision, to value and inspire the work of its employees, the company promotes its passion for technology; supports employees projects; and increasingly seeks a global presence.

How do we develop people?

CINQ forms its work team through trainings such as the CINQ TECH Bootcamp (hands-on training focused on strategic themes) and CINQ TECH Shares (Shares of new technical and soft skills trainings by the employees themselves in a short-term format); and a proximity to the leaders considering an open doors policy. The incentive for learning and self-development is present in programs that allow the person to dedicate a few hours of the month for study. We also have an annual internship process aligned with the mentors program that supports each trainee who enters the company.

How do we promote personal vs. professional life balance?

CINQ promotes personal life vs. professional balance through schedules flexibility, focus on tasks and results, far beyond rules and standards. Keeping up with leaders, projects and customers, employees can adapt schedules and workplace, in some cases are applied home office. We value the deliverables and the result of the project, and we contextualize the team, through leadership and agile approach, for understanding how they are part of the result, without the need to compromise their personal commitments.

In this sense of quality of life at work, CINQ Technologies also surveyed with its employees, through an external consultancy, the main reasons the company is considered a Great Place to Work and brings the secrets to follow.

Regarding the talent attraction, the main reasons for new employees consider working for CINQ are:

  1. Organizational culture;
  2. Brazilian and global projects/challenges with frequent contacts with customers from other cultures, as well as trips to other countries;
  3. Work schedule flexibility.

The secret of attraction is to bring professionals adherent to the organizational culture of the company, which are tech lovers, good learners and who enjoy new challenges.

Regarding employee satisfaction (retention), it is observed:

  1. Proximity of the leader;
  2. Authenticity of employees and pleasant environment (in which people are themselves);
  3. Brand fastness.

Thus, to keep the team satisfied it is important to count on inspiring leaders, to have a trustmark and co-opetition environment in which people cooperate with each other.

CINQ also continually reinvents itself through three pillars that move its team: explore, learn and develop and, from that foundation, created the CINQ TECH program, which aims to speed up technological learning.

According to Wagner Balabuch, Project Manager and Agile Coach, from CINQ:

“The professionals at CINQ are sociable and strive to maintain an environment at the same time professional and relaxed. Projects are challenging and diversified, including projects for the air, rail, health, mortgages segments, etc. There’s always something new and there’s no room for monotony. The vouchers for courses and reimbursement of certifications are great too, especially for those who are more nerdy.”

It was also possible to identify with CINQ team the main values that make it a great company to work for, which are: pride, a sense of belonging, challenges, pleasant environment and recognition.

The Great Place to Work Institute (GPTW) is a global authority in the world of work, which ranks the best companies to work on from five dimensions: credibility, respect, impartiality, pride and camaraderie, from the point of view of the employee. CINQ Technologies was one company honored during this awards event, which happened at the IT Forum Expo (Transamérica Expo Center in São Paulo), with the 32º place, in the IT category, among the medium-sized companies.