What are the skills of 2020 to 2018?

CINQ Technologies participated in the 2020 XP event last weekend and brings information about the skills needed to stay competitive in the 21st century

The 2020 XP, event organized by Aldeia Coworking which happened last weekend (September 28 and 29) in Curitiba-PR, with the participation of more than 200 people, counted with four experiences linked to the skills of the future.

The World Economic Forum has cast these 10 skills that professionals will need to develop up to 2020, which are: 1. Solution of complex problems; 2. Critical thinking; 3. Creativity; 4. Cognitive flexibility; 5. Coordination with others; 6. Emotional intelligence; 7. Decision making; 8. Guidance for services; 9. Negotiation; 10. People management.

With the purpose of experiencing these skills, the participants of the 2020 XP were divided into four groups of about 60 people per team to experience immersive experiences, aiming to sharpen the axe with respect to what is expected of professionals of the future in the present of the organizations.

The experience “See” was taught by Carolina Haro, who was living in Thailand at the age of 15 and from there brought in baggage the learning of empathy and cognitive flexibility. The facilitator addressed topics such as critical thinking, neuroscience (automatic brain and conscious brain) and techniques such as mindfulness (focus on breathing for full attention) and urban safari for alignment of what is our filter and which filters are of the other personas in order to experience empathy. She challenged the participants to live with a child’s curiosity to see the world with various filters. Carolina worked with the participants the following skills: 1. Critical thinking | 2. Cognitive flexibility.

Fred Amstel (PhD in philosophy, design and architecture, one of the great names of Design Thinking) ministered the experience “to solve” through the technique of Lego serious play to solve complex problems. The skills experienced were: 3. Creativity | 4. Coordination | 5. Solution of Complex Problems.

In the experience “Focus”, Marcelo Alves, an extreme marathon runner who ran 7 seven-continents in 7 days, performed dynamics for decision-making in times of high stress and challenged the participants in the following Skills: 6. Emotional Intelligence | 7. Decision Making.

Wilma Morais (leader of the National Academy of Coaching) facilitated the experience “leading” and carried out dynamics such as the noodle tower with marshmallow, besides the application of many leadership diagnostics with the goal of disseminating the skills: 8. People Management | 9. Guidance to serve | 10. Trading.

So, to stay competitive in the 21st century and to live up to the slogan “I rule in robots,” according to Frederick Westphalen, Designer of CINQ, who was present at 2020 XP, “the event brought disruptive approaches to the building of these skills through the dynamics proposals, obtaining active interaction in the group. This generated engagement and facilitated understanding of concepts, enabling immediate application in day-to-day professional. Auto development as a professional and as a human being is essential in the career. Therefore, experiencing moments of reflection on the knowledge itself brings a strategic vision of itself. The improvement of these ten skills will become us high-performance citizens. “