Dextra e CINQ unem marcas e forças rumo ao crescimento

Cinq and Dextra merge their brands in the Brazilian market

Companies announce the brand merge that will happen in June.

CINQ Technologies and Dextra (a South American software development company, part of Mutant Group) are merging and becoming one. CINQ was acquired by Mutant Group  at the end of last year to work alongside Dextra in its Customer Digital Transformation business unit. 

Now, the companies will merge and specialize their brands to serve different markets, Dextra will serve the Brazilian market and CINQ Technologies the Global one. With this new business structure, an even stronger team, and brand focusing solely on the Global market, CINQ’s goal is to expand its nearshore and offshore agile software development offerings. 

Among the countless advantages of the union, which has been carefully executed since January, are the expansion of the delivery capacity and greater presence in the Brazilian and global markets. The joining process was facilitated by some key elements. The two companies have similar cultures and service offerings, as well as a complementary client portfolio. The merger creates a technically powerful team of almost 1,000 professionals.

“CINQ has a very strong presence outside Brazil, with over 50% of its revenue coming from the foreign market. Furthermore, it is strongly present in the southern part of the country ”, explains Luis Dosso, Chief Business Development Officer and co-founder of Dextra. “The union creates a much stronger company.”

Since January, the companies have been working to unify internal processes and define roles. The exchange of experiences and best practices was intense and the result is a technically stronger and geographically diverse presence, both in the Brazilian and global markets.

“Dextra’s strength is the agile offer, and CINQ’s the global track record. The client will benefit from a bigger structure and with very consolidated experience of remote work, which now with the COVID-19 pandemic ends up being fundamental”, explains Carlos Alberto Jayme, Growth and Innovation Director at CINQ.

For Jayme, the companies together make it even easier to operate in the global market thanks to the high capacity for design and development of digital solutions. In addition, the Mutant Group also strengthens the financial support necessary for providing services to large enterprises.

“Dextra and CINQ are companies that I have always admired. The business strategy, the management model, and – just as importantly – cultural affinity. We are very happy with the union with the Dextra brand”, celebrates Alexandre Bichir, CEO at Mutant. “It facilitates the understanding of the Brazilian market and formalizes an integration process that has already occurred in all areas of companies. The brand is the last and the most emblematic step. “

What are the changes for the customers?

They only win, the executives guarantee. Ongoing projects can be reinforced with top-notch developers. Furthermore, the merger of Dextra and CINQ companies, both continuously growing, strengthens the employer brand, which makes it easier to expand squads.

“We are able to execute any type of project, and scale squads much rapidly”, says Dosso. “These are two brands that are highly respected by customers, with whom we have long lasting relationships.”

Both Dextra and CINQ are companies listedin the Great Place to Work (GPTW) award, which, according to the executives, demonstrates the importance given by both to value people, to lasting relationships with customers, to innovation, and to the latest technologies

“The expectation is to grow in Brazil and abroad, maintaining the relevance we have without losing our culture. Theseare companies that believe in people and in how important it is to have a working environment conducive to collaboration”, reiterates Jayme.

Also, the companies’ executive team has been fully unified. All founding partners of CINQ became Dextra directors, performing different functions. The company’s growth plan places all directors as key to its future.


But what about the pandemic?

The current global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic should not affect the performance of the new company. It must continue to operate with high execution and financial capacity, including to help clients who are facing difficulties.

“We can even rearrange project teams to meet customers’ needs,” explains Dosso.

For Jayme, the pandemic presents unprecedented challenges. This situation had sped up the union of the companies to create more contact and proximity between the leaders and the teams, even remotely, which resulted in a “very strong team spirit”.

“When we face such a huge challenge [the pandemic], we come closer together even more,” he says. “Both teams embraced the cause of ensuring deliveries and excellent customer service.”


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About Dextra

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