Key Tips for a promising career in the IT area

CINQ Technologies took part in the 4th RecrutaTech last Saturday and brings 3 Key Tips for a successful career in the Information Technology field

RecrutaTech 2018, which happened last Saturday (15/09) at SEBRAE Curitiba, featured lectures and workshops on three trails: technology, career and entrepreneurship, besides booths to take questions about the IT career, learn about the positions and have contact with companies. In the interim, the event was divided into three trails with a clear purpose, that it is important to combine career development by acquiring knowledge as well as soft skills; That it is possible to undertake within the organizations (Intrapreneurship), and creating their own business; And that the technology area goes through the present and future of companies, and the digital transformation and adoption of disruptive technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Artificial intelligence, etc. become increasingly important to increase companies’ performance. On the basis of the three presented themes, we checked the emphasized in each of the trails and thus we come to 3 essential tips for promising career in the IT area:

1. In career, the tip is to have a purpose that will make you wake up early every day with good energy to make it happens and, having this clear (what is your mission of life and how this is linked with your trajectory in the IT area), it will be easier to seek evolution of technical knowledge and have emotional intelligence to know how to deal with the everyday challenges;

2. In entrepreneurship, the key is to challenge yourself and these challenges can happen through the learning of new technologies and programming languages; take out IT certifications; seeking new behavioral learning as effective communication (courses of oratory in order to speak better in public and make themselves understood); Leadership (Scrum Master, coaching courses), among others;

3. In technology, the suggestion is to use agile methods of development, because they guarantee continuous deliveries to the customer, besides bringing team engagement.

According to Nôga Simões, Marketing and innovation Coordinator at CINQ, which was present in the 4th Recrutatech, “the event approached topics such as Machine Learning, Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset, How to build successful teams, Business Analysis, among Others, which corroborates that IT professionals increasingly need to ally technical skills to behavioral (soft skills), after all, according to Daniel Goleman-for good or for evil, when it is the emotions that dominate, the intellect cannot lead us to nowhere” In this sense, more and more professionals are demanded to become apprentices; employees that capture concepts quickly; adjust to different contexts and situations; independent thinkers; able to make decisions; passionate about technology and who are committed to results. If you fit this profile, CINQ has more than 40 opportunities to join our team: Positions.